Balloon Rockets (Week 1)

In this lab, Newton’s third law of motion takes off as students design and launch balloon-powered rockets to explore the forces behind the movement. 

Bacteria Cultures (Week 1 & 6)

This lab Introduces students to the laboratory procedures and techniques for culturing bacteria. Students observe and compare growth among anaerobic, facultative anaerobic, and aerobic bacteria in the absence or presence of free oxygen.

Mousetrap Cars (Week 2)

In this lab, students learn the concepts behind levers, machines, and potential and kinetic energy.

Organ Dissection (Week 2 &7)

In this lab, students explore the interdependence of organ systems and investigate the specific structures and functions of each organ.

Bouncy Balls (Week 3)

This lab Introduces students to polymer chemistry as they make bouncy balls using white glue and sodium borate.

Forensics: Latent Print Development with Powders (Week 3 & 8)

In this lab, students will develop latent prints using black and fluorescent magnetic powders, observe prints using an alternate light source, and lift prints using hinge lifters

Chemical Reaction Rockets (Week 4)

In this lab students learn about gas-forming chemical reactions by creating gas-powered rockets. 

Chemical Development of Latent Prints (Week 4 & 9)

In this lab, students will develop fingerprints using ninhydrin and DFO, observe fingerprints developed by DFO with an alternative light source, and compare running and non-running solvents for development of prints on a document

Circulatory System (Week 5)

In this lab, students use a unique combination of tubing, pumps, and one-way valves to model the heart’s pumping action and gain a better understanding of how blood circulation works in the body. 

Food Nutrient Analysis (Week 5)

In this lab, students perform qualitative tests for sugar, starch, lipid, protein, and vitamin C on standards and control samples. Students then use these tests to determine the identity of unknown substances.

Egg Drop (Week 6)

In this lab, students create a device to absorb force and protect an egg from a drop.

Catapult (Week 7)

In this lab, students build a catapult and conduct trials to explore how the fulcrum size and position, plank length, effort force, and load affect trajectory and distance.

Balloon Race Cars (Week 8)

In this lab, students build and test a prototype car, then explore how changes to the wheels, body, and balloon alter performance.

Solar Car (Week 9)

In this lab, students design a model car powered by solar cells and an electric motor.