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In order to meet the needs of our families, we offer two consultation options.  These consultation options offer a personal touch by getting to know the parents and child. It is important to learn about the child’s academic history as well as his/her learning style.  We also talk about student interests, extra-curricular activities and what they like to do outside of school. With the parents’ input, we set goals and determine the best approach to help your student improve, get ahead or review.  By gathering this type of information, we are able to successfully determine if our program is a good match for the parents and child.

Phone Consultation:

Many families choose the convenience of a phone consultation, which can be done during the day time or the evening.  Our director will answer any questions the parents may have about our tutoring program. We are able to gather vital information about the academic needs in about a 30 minute time frame.

Google Duo Consultation:

By connecting with a family with Duo, we are able to meet in the virtual world in a personal way.   We simply need a phone number and a time to meet! This type of consultation can be done during the day or evening.  We prefer to meet with the student and parents during the 30-60 minute consultation.

We are not a “mail-order” operation. We are successful because we take the extra time to get to know our clients. As a result of our personal consultations, we have a 99% success rate of determining if our program is a good match for the the parents and child.

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