1. Is there a contract? Yes, parents are required to give notice of cancellation (30 days) in accordance with the schedule on the contract.

  2. Is this program only for students who are failing math? No, this program is for all students. Students may enroll in the program to prepare for their next math course or to prepare for a Gifted and Talented Program. In addition, students who are struggling in math can participate in the program as well.

  3. If a student misses a session, can the student attend a make up session? No.

  4. Can a student start the program late - after the start date in March? Yes, students may start and benefit from the program at anytime.

  5. Can a student come to a session late? If a student arrives more than 5 minutes late, the student will not be admitted.

  6. Can a student enroll in more than one course? Yes.

  7. If a student enrolls in the program during the middle of the month, will the monthly fee be prorated? No.

  8. Can a student reserve a space in the program in order to start at the beginning of a month other than March? No, once a student enrolls in the program, they are expected to attend the upcoming Saturday session. There aren’t any tutoring sessions on the 5th Saturday or Sunday of the month.

  9. Can a parent visit the facility prior to enrolling a student? The only way a parent can visit the facility prior to enrolling a student is by scheduling a consultation (fee based service) or an assessment (fee based service).

  10. Is it recommended that my student take an assessment before starting the program? No, a parent can make a course selection based on the student’s performance in their current or previous math course.

  11. Does a student have to complete all of the homework? A student does not have to complete all of the the homework; however, students who complete the homework have the best results.

  12. Will all the homework topics be covered during the in-person session? No, it is impossible to cover every topic in 50 minutes. However, each assignment builds off the previous assignment.

  13. Will the sessions be inline with my child’s math class at school? No, our program is designed to be completed in 6 months. Most schools operate 10 months.

  14. Does the program offer financial aid? No.

  15. Will a student receive a discount for taking multiple courses? No.

  16. What is the maximum number of courses a student can take at one time? Unlimited - It is recommended that a student only take up to 2 courses at one time, including the multiplication clinic.

  17. Can parents sit in on the group tutoring? No.

  18. Does the program offer reading sessions? No.

  19. Can a student bring work from school to complete during a group tutoring session? No, group tutoring topics are prearranged. A student may sign up for a private tutoring session to get individual tutoring.

  20. How long will the Promotional Rate last? If a student enrolls during a promotional period, they will receive the promotional rate for the duration of the program (up to six months) even if the promotional period ends while they are still enrolled in the program.

  21. Can I use a Groupon or coupon for group tutoring? No.

  22. Can a student with ADHD, an IEP and/or a 504 Plan participate in the group tutoring? Yes. However, the student must be able to be sit and remain quiet for up to 50 minutes unless asked a question. The program will give all students the same materials regardless of whether they have an IEP or 504 Plan. Parents have the option of placing students in group tutoring sessions based on the academic need of the student instead of the actual grade level of the student.