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Step 1: Add the registration fee to your cart. Then checkout by selecting the orange cart button on the screen.

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Step 2: Sign up for Automatic billing for the appropriate course by selecting the yellow Automatic Billing button.

Math K - Math 5 Tutoring Automatic Billing
You can be billed up to $100.00 USD
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Math 6 - Math 8 Tutoring Automatic Billing
You can be billed up to $120.00 USD
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Middle or High School - Algebra 1 , 2 & Geometry Tutoring
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If your student will be receiving tutoring for 2 advanced middle school or two high school courses, please select the automatic billing below.

Middle or High School - Algebra 1 , 2 & Geometry Tutoring
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Step 3: Wait up to 24 hours to receive a Welcome E-mail.

Step 4: Attend tutoring the upcoming Saturday at the time you selected.


  • During a tutoring session, the student will spend the first 30 minutes working alone on practice problems via a free computer based math program set up by the tutor. The student will spend the last 30 minutes working one-on-one with the tutor on grade level practice problems. If the student/parent has a specific topic or type of practice problem they want the tutor to explain during the last 30 minutes of the session, the information and a picture must be sent to at least 12 hours prior to the tutoring session. Students may participate in more than one session per day; however, each session will be billed the normal session rate. Additional sessions require an additional full monthly payment. Tutoring is currently being offered on Saturdays only.

  • Each client is auto debited via PayPal the same day each month for 4 sessions based on the date of the first full monthly payment. A registration fee of $50 must accompany the first full payment. The center is closed the 5th Saturday of each month. Clients are not billed for the 5th Saturday of each month. If a payment is not able to be processed, the student’s space in the program will be forfeited immediately. A student may rejoin the program by re-registering and submitting another registration fee along with a monthly payment.

  • Students attend sessions the same time each week on Saturdays. Students are not required to attend every session; however, they are billed for every session. The program has a no refund policy, no exceptions. In addition, if a client misses a session, they will not receive a make up session for any reason. Also, session times may not be changed for any temporary reason. If a client would like to switch times permanently, the parent must email the company 30 days in advance to determine if the switch can be accommodated. A client can terminate their participation in the program at any time by emailing info@marylandstemprogram. However, clients will not receive a refund for payments already collected/processed.

  • Students will be emailed and hand delivered suggested course materials to complete throughout the week. It is not required for students to complete the assignments.