If you have never attended a tutoring session nor registered to attend a tutoring session at the Maryland STEM Program, you may attend one session for a flat fee of $35. This allows you to attend a tutoring session with out a one month payment.


  • What happens during a First Visit? During the first visit, the student will spend the first 30 minutes working independently on the computer on math assignments arranged by the tutor. The last 30 minutes can be utilized two ways. The time can be used for one-on-one math tutoring or a consultation.

  • Can I schedule a consultation to speak with a representative about the program? New clients may schedule a first visit in order to participate in a consultation. The consultation will take place in the last 30 minutes of the session.

  • How far in advance can a First Visit be scheduled? A first visit can be scheduled up to 4 days in advance.


First Visit Fee
Add To Cart

Step 1: Add the one time fee of $40 to your cart. Then checkout by selecting the orange cart button on the screen.

Step 2: Wait at most 24 hours for an email that confirms your appointment.

Step 3: Attend your First Visit the upcoming Saturday at the time you selected.


The program has a no refund policy, no exceptions. In addition, if a client misses a First Visit, they will not receive a make up session for any reason. Also, session times may not be changed for any reason after a payment has been collected.